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My latest realtime character, the "Nephilim". This started as a totally random sculpt. I was bored and decided to mess around in Zbrush until I got what seemed like some kind of sloth-ish humanoid, which I later developed into this character. I always wanted to do a creature with a golden mask, I find them very pretty and mysterious. So in my imagination, this dudes (as I imagine them as a race) live in our world, (Or did, a long time ago) and are highly distrusted by humans. They are very tall, neutral and quiet beings who spend most of their time walking and are very curious about pretty much everything. They wear masks with human faces in order to appear more friendly and physically similar to them.

Juanma Cervilla also helped me with this project, rigging and animating it in a short amount of time. Huge thanks to him!

Natalia p gutierrez pres1
Natalia p gutierrez pres3

Nephilim (Marmoset 3)

Natalia p gutierrez pres2
Natalia p gutierrez pres4
Natalia p gutierrez dark1
Natalia p gutierrez dark2
Natalia p gutierrez pres7

Nephilim - Turnaround (Marmoset Toolbag 3)

Natalia p gutierrez presescult